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With my 36 years with the Phoenix Police Department and my time as a professor of criminology, I am the only candidate with experience to modernize our police force. 

  • We must hire and retain more Phoenix Police Officers and first responders to ensure we keep response times low and the level of service up to the standards residents expect.

  • Enhancements in training can significantly improve outcomes and help build a police department of the future. 

  • A strong partnership between the Phoenix Police Department and the community is critical to ensure positive outcomes for all residents.

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Phoenix must continue to innovate and prepare for long-term drought. As our climate gets hotter and drier, it is more important than ever that we address our need for water. We need to take proactive steps to ensure we maintain a high quality of life in all parts of our region:

  • The City of Phoenix should provide tools to businesses and residents to help conserve water. 

  • I will advocate for Phoenix at the state and federal level to protect Phoenix's water rights.

  • We must support new technologies, water recycling, and investment in leak detection and prevention. 



I remember how hard it was to afford my first home. The housing crisis has impacted all District 6 families in one way or another, and everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Phoenix should increase housing supply in the short and long term by:

  • We should encourage public-private partnerships to add more market, workforce, and affordable housing developments.

  • The city should redevelop city-owned land and amending zoning to allow for more housing options.

  • Let’s address short-term rentals in our neighborhoods and out-of-state investors putting the squeeze on the Phoenix housing market.


Bringing Neighbors Together to Deliver Results

It’s rare that business leaders and labor unions agree in politics, but our campaign has earned the endorsements of diverse advocacy groups and business organizations. They agree I am the best candidate to move District 6 forward. 

  • I will reject partisan politics and instead focus on common sense ideas – regardless of political ideology. Partisan politics have no place at City Hall.

  • After working at the city for nearly 40 years, I know how to navigate the different departments and processes to deliver resources for our neighborhoods. 


Bringing Ethics to

City Hall

The Phoenix City Council has refused to activate the ethics commission they’ve promised. It’s time to fix that. 

  • We expect our city leaders to look out for us, not themselves. Politicians should not use the political process and their elected position for their own financial gain.

  • I will be a YES vote to ensure the City of Phoenix’s ethics commission becomes a reality.

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